The A to Z of Halloween

Halloween (31 October) is right around the corner, but if you’re having a hard time getting into the spooky spirit, read our A to Z of Halloween to get a bit of inspiration.

Soon the UK will be in the frightening frenzy and even if your hometown isn’t big on celebrating the dark day there are plenty of haunting places where you can get a scare or two. Experience All Hallows’ Eve in one of the UK’s and Northern Ireland’s capital cities like London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, or Belfast. Or head to the Republic of Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, and celebrate in Bram Stoker’s (think Dracula!) hometown.

All Hallows’ Eve – The holiday with more than one name, whether you call it Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve, they’re one in the same.

Bobbing for apples – A good Halloween party must include bobbing for apples, or “dooking” as they call it in Scotland.

Costume – The tradition of wearing costumes during Halloween was first recorded in Scotland in 1895 and since then has evolved to not only include the scary pagan guises, but anything and everything from popular culture figureheads to the the traditional witches and vampires.

Dracula -The 1897 Gothic horror novel by the Irish author Bram Stoker has woven itself into becoming an iconic Halloween figure.

Eerie – Mysterious, strange, or unexpected as to send a chill up the spine. There’s no word to better describe Halloween.

Frankenstein – The English novelist Mary Shelley’s creature and scientific experiment gone wrong, Frankenstein, is another popular Halloween icon.

Ghosts – When it comes to supernatural figures, ghosts are one of the first things to pop into your mind. They are also a very popular and simple Halloween costume. All you need is a white sheet and a pair of scissors to cut holes out for the eyes, and voilà, you’re ready to go!

Haunted house – A great way to celebrate Halloween while making you shake in your boots is a spine-chilling haunted house tour.

Incantation – A charm or spell, think witchcraft … double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Jack-o-lantern – Originally turnips were carved to make lanterns, but later on the pumpkin became the preferred canvas for carving scary faces lit within by a candle.

Knock-knock – If you’re going trick-or-treating, or guising, it’s the fundamental first step before the sweets are presented.

Labyrinth – Labyrinths and corn field mazes are a popular event during the Halloween season.

Monster – What every child is scared they have under their bed, and another one of the popular frightening creatures that makes up Halloween.

Nightmare – What you will be having if you’ve tuned in to too many scary movies.

Orange – The colour of pumpkins and autumn leaves is one of the symbolic colours of Halloween, along with black.

Prank – The “trick” in trick-or-treating usually means a harmless prank played against the door-opener, if they decide not to hand over the sweets that is.

Quiver – A slight trembling movement or sound, especially one caused by a sudden strong emotion: “a quiver of fear.”

RIP – Another symbol of Halloween is the tombstone, which of course can’t be missing the letters R.I.P. for “rest in peace.”

Sweets – What you hope you’ll be eating plenty of on 31 October.

Trick-or-Treat – What guisers must shout before they’re rewarded with sweets.

Underworld – Originally All Hallows’ Evening was a time to celebrate the dead and ward off the evil spirits that come out at nightfall from the underworld.

Vampire – Making a recent comeback in pop culture, vampires have been on the scene for many a Halloween.

Witch – Quite possibly one of the most popular costumes for girls. Tall black hat, black dress, broomstick, add a black cat and you’re set.

X-ray – Halloween is a time when bones are the craze and skeletons roam freely.

Yell – You’re sure to be letting out a few AHHs! with the frights you’ll be getting all day.

Zombie – Our list couldn’t be complete without including one of the walking dead.

Wherever you may be this Halloween, we wish you a scary, spooky, frightening, terrifying, creepy, eerie, and spine-chilling day and night.

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